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The Oral and Overall Health Connection According to the Dentist Marble Falls Trusts

September 23, 2015

woman using mouthwash thanks to recommendations from the dentist marble falls trustsMost people realize that what they put in their mouths affects their health. Whether a person chooses to eat junk food or nutritious food, to smoke or chew tobacco, or to have a few too many alcoholic drinks will, of course, impact several bodily systems. But it’s not only what you put in your mouth, it’s the condition of your mouth that can affect the health of your body, too. Research shows a connection between chronic oral infections—in particular gum disease—and systemic health. Dr. Greg Ritchie of the Ritchie Dental Group in Marble Falls, TX, are committed to helping their patients enjoy optimal oral health as well as overall health. With this in mind, we encourage our patients to brush and floss daily and schedule biannual checkups, so we can help you avoid periodontal disease and other oral health problems.

Ritchie Dental Group Tooth Tips For Traveling

February 7, 2014

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Horseshoe Bay Family Dentistry Tips For Traveling

If you live in the Horseshoe Bay area and are planning to take a vacation or business trip soon, we recommend you coordinate your dental care with your travel schedule. It’s always a good idea to have a checkup with your Marble Falls dentist prior to leaving on long vacations, especially if your trip is taking you to developing areas without good dental care options. This quick checkup will help you be sure that your mouth is ready to travel.

More importantly, if you have any dental procedures scheduled before you leave, discuss it with your Marble Falls dentist. A large number of dental procedures are actually surgical procedures. This means that your body will need more time to heal than you may realize.

Also, if you’re leaving the Marble Falls, Horseshoe Bay, or Burnet area by plane, you should be aware that changes in the cabin pressure of the airplane may cause tooth pain or discomfort for patients who have just had oral surgery. In addition, make sure you are aware of any necessary follow-up appointments with your Marble Falls dentist or orthodontist before you schedule a vacation.

I am Dr. Greg Ritchie and we want Horseshoe Bay residents to be informed about their dental care. Our Marble Falls practice offers:

cosmetic dentistry
dental implants
sedation dentistry
general dentistry

If you are looking for general dental care or quality cosmetic dentistry in the Marble Falls, Horseshoe Bay, or Burnet areas, please call us today and let our friendly and comprehensive staff take care of you.

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Wear A Crown In Horseshoe Bay

May 3, 2013

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Wear A Dental Crown In Horseshoe Bay

Some Horseshoe Bay residents who have a weak or broken tooth may want to research dental crowns as a solution to improve their smile and overall oral health. A crown is really a cap or covering that is tooth-shaped and when it is in place, it will cover the portion of the covered tooth that is above the gum line.

Crowns can be made of metals, resin, ceramic, porcelain, or a porcelain-fused-to-metal material. Your Marble Falls area cosmetic dentist will usually put in a temporary crown while a permanent crown is being created especially for your mouth in a dental laboratory.

Dental crowns have been used successfully in Marble Falls cosmetic dentistry for decades.

Many cosmetic dentists use crowns when performing smile makeovers to cover patient’s discolored or poorly shaped teeth. Strong, natural-looking crowns are also used with dental implants.

If you think a dental crown may be right for you, check with your cosmetic and family dentist. Or, if you are searching for quality dental care in the Horseshoe Bay area, call us here at Ritchie Dental Group. We are located in Marble Falls and have been serving Marble Falls and the surrounding areas since 2000. We are currently accepting new patients at our state-of-the art, yet warm and comfortable dental office.

Call us at 830-637-7227 and our friendly and comprehensive staff can answer any questions you have about teeth whitening, veneers, enamel shaping, or any other cosmetic dental, general oral health, or dental financing questions.

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