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marble falls

Orthodontics in Marble Falls

Most of the time, when you or your children need to see an orthodontist, your dentist will refer you to a trusted colleague. The same thing happens at the Ritchie Dental Group—kind of. That trusted colleague happens to be Dr. Greg Ritchie right here in our office. Dr. Ritchie has completed over 500 hours in

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Sedation Dentistry in Marble Falls

What’s your reaction when you look at the calendar and see that you have a dentist’s appointment coming up? Are you excited to have your teeth cleaned and polished, or does a feeling of dread and anxiety develop in the pit of your stomach? If the latter is a better description of your reaction, then

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For a Cosmetic Dentist, Marble Falls comes to the Ritchie Dental Group

With so many effective and affordable treatment options available in the category of cosmetic dentistry, there’s really no reason to settle for an unattractive smile. Dr. Greg Ritchie of Ritchie Dental Group in Marble Falls, TX, offers a variety of ways for patients to boost the appearance and the value of their smiles. So, if

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Are dental implants right for you? Find out today!

There’s a reason some people call dental implants nature’s tooth rival — they’re just that good. Nothing else replaces the teeth as well as their roots like dental implants in Marble Falls. But are you a good candidate for this excellent option in tooth replacement? You just may be — keep reading to learn more

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Your Cosmetic Dentist in Marble Falls Works Wonders

If I told you that adults with beautiful smiles are more successful at work, would you believe me? What about happier in general? The way we feel about our smiles can seriously affect our self-esteem, and that means greater satisfaction and success overall. If you’re not completely satisfied with your smile, you should know about

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