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Clearing Up the Different Types of Dental Braces

Dental braces are a great way to correct misaligned teeth and bite problems. They are an investment in your oral health and overall confidence. But with so many options to choose from, it’s not always easy to decide which type of braces is right for you. In this blog post, we’ll explore the different types

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7 Ways Bite Abnormalities Hurt Your Child

Some growing mouths develop bite problems. 7 Ways Bite Abnormalities Can Harm Your Child Jaw alignment issues can cause a range of issues for little ones. They can hurt! They can make it difficult to eat a nutritious diet because they curb proper chewing and swallowing They can delay or prevent normal speech development They increase

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Suspect A Bite Problem?

At Ritchie Dental Group in Brady and Marble Falls, we offer comprehensive orthodontic treatment. We offer various treatments in orthodontics for residents of Marble Falls, Burnet, and Brady, TX to straighten teeth and improve bite function. Edward Angle, a pioneer in modern orthodontics invented the term malocclusion- bad bite. Malocclusion is fairly common in the

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Straight Talk on Straight Teeth in Marble Falls

Too many people think orthodontists only change the look of your teeth. Consequently, they think that the only reason to find an orthodontist is if you are interested in cosmetic dentistry. The fact is that when your teeth are straight and your mouth is uncrowded, you’ll do a much better job of brushing your teeth.

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Crooked Teeth In Marble Falls?

Now is a great time to have crooked teeth! Why? They can easily be straightened. There are few technological wonders of our era that are more appreciated than modern braces. Teeth straightening hardware of past generations in Marble Falls had many drawbacks. It often involved a whole orthodontic tool kit – full metal bands, headgear,

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Orthodontics in Marble Falls

Most of the time, when you or your children need to see an orthodontist, your dentist will refer you to a trusted colleague. The same thing happens at the Ritchie Dental Group—kind of. That trusted colleague happens to be Dr. Greg Ritchie right here in our office. Dr. Ritchie has completed over 500 hours in

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For Invisalign®, Marble Falls comes to Ritchie Dental Group

With Invisalign, the Ritchie Dental Group in Marble Falls, TX, inconspicuously creates beautifully straight smiles.

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It’s Not Too Late To Get Them Straight

Are you an adult in Burnet with misaligned teeth? Do you regret not having orthodontic treatment when you were a teen? It’s not too late to straighten your teeth – and there are more types of braces available than ever before.

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