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Dental Technology And Comfort

Dental Technology And Comfort In Marble Falls, TX

Dental room showing dental chair and other technology - Dental technology in Marble Falls, Brady, Burnet, TX Going to the dentist is no one’s favorite item on their to-do list. However, here at Ritchie Dental Group, we do as much as we can to make taking care of your oral health something you can look forward to!

If you fear going to the dentist, you are not alone! Up to 15% of the population in the United States reports an extreme phobia of the dentist, as well as countless others who feel mild or moderate dental anxiety.

We know that many people have had negative experiences with previous dentists who did not listen to them, or used outdated and possibly painful practices in their offices. In our office, we use only the latest and most trusted dental technology to give you a comfortable experience.

Care and Amenities to Make You Feel Relaxed

At Ritchie Dental Group, we pride ourselves on putting the patient first and being a no-pain dentist! We treat our patients like family, so we want everyone to be as comfortable as possible.

We want to address your fears and concerns and mitigate them as much as we can—that’s why we focus so much on patient comfort and offer special amenities to improve your experience.

Some of the special amenities we offer to make your experience more comfortable are beverages in the reception area, wireless internet so you can bring and use your laptop computer, music players in the treatment rooms, and other great amenities!

Advanced Technology for Patient Comfort

Our team puts themselves at the forefront of new and improved technologies to take advantage of advanced dental technology that prioritizes patient comfort. Some of the great technologies we have here at Ritchie Dental Group include the following:

  • Oral Sedation: Many patients with a fear of the dentist end up avoiding their checkups for years at a time. We offer oral sedation because we are committed to caring for you no matter the circumstance.
  • CEREC Single-Visit Crown Technology: Getting a crown used to be a long, arduous, and painful experience, but with CEREC single-visit crown technology, you’ll be out of our office with a new crown in a single day.
  • Oral Cancer Screenings: We use the Identafi 3000 for oral cancer screening, so we can identify cancer risks before they have time to develop. Taking advantage of this technology can significantly improve your long-term health.
  • Digital X-rays: Digital X-rays are faster and more convenient than traditional X-rays. They also limit your exposure to radiation and are easier to save and transfer between computers and offices.
  • Intraoral Cameras: These cameras allow you to see what’s going on inside your mouth. Your dentist will be able to point out exact features of your teeth and gums and you’ll have a better understanding of your own oral health.
  • Chairside Computers: You can view your x-rays, dental history, teeth, and gums, and even schedule your next appointment much more easily with our convenient chairside computers.
  • Soft Tissue Lasers: Thanks to laser dentistry we can offer less invasive gum lifts, crown lengthening, and biopsies with our soft tissue laser. Dental lasers decrease trauma to the oral tissues, thus reducing bleeding and recovery time.
  • SOLEA All Tissue Laser: We use the SOLEA laser as part of our laser dentistry because SOLEA is fast, precise, and comfortable. SOLEA makes dental treatments of all kinds quick and pain-free.
  • iCat/Cone Beam: This imaging technology takes 3D digital images of structures beneath the surface of the teeth and gums for improved TMJ treatment, root canal therapy, and many other dental procedures.

Too many people think going to the dentist has to be painful, scary, and inconvenient. At Ritchie Dental Group, we do what we can to live up to our goal of being a no-pain dentist so our patients can look forward to their dental care. We want to make caring for your oral health and getting a beautiful smile as painless as possible, from the moment you walk through our office door.

Enjoy a Better Experience With Our Dental Technology

Ritchie Dental Group takes pride in creating beautiful smiles for patients in Marble Falls and Brady, Texas, and the surrounding cities of Horseshoe Bay, Austin, Burnet, and Llano. Call our office today to schedule an appointment for friendly, unparalleled family and cosmetic dentistry. We’re excited to be your no-pain dentist!


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