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Single Tooth Replacement

When you are missing teeth in your smile, it can have a big effect on you. It may only be one tooth, but that gap in your smile might feel bigger to you. That alone is a good enough reason to receive a tooth implant, but it’s also important to be aware that missing a tooth— even just one—has repercussions for your overall oral health.

Here at Ritchie Dental Group, you don’t need to worry about that! We have safe single-tooth replacement options for our patient’s missing teeth. Our staff is committed to creating a comfortable environment so that you can feel confident taking care of your oral health, no matter your previous experiences.

Single Tooth Replacement With Dental Implants

There are many safe ways to approach replacing a single tooth. We will always communicate with you, our patient, to identify which treatment method is the right one for you.

The most sturdy option we recommend for replacing a single tooth is a tooth implant. Dental implants can be used to replace multiple missing teeth, but it’s also a great option for just one tooth as well!

How Do Single Tooth Implants Work?

Natural teeth are rooted in your jaw with bone and tooth roots. A single-tooth dental implant is attached directly to your jawbone, just like the roots of your natural teeth are! We mimic this natural structure with a titanium post that we place in your jaw. Attached to the top of that post is your new tooth replacement—a beautiful porcelain crown.

Will the Single Tooth Implant Procedure Be Painful?

Many people avoid the dentist because of negative experiences they have had in the past. At Ritchie Dental Group, we understand that many people feel that way, and we work hard to create positive experiences for all our patients.

Our office is set up to be as comfortable and comforting as possible. We of course offer anesthesia for many of our procedures, including single tooth replacements. For particularly anxious or nervous patients, we also provide sedation dentistry options.

We want you to feel comfortable when caring for your dental health! Feel free to contact our staff if you have further questions or concerns.

Why Would I Need a Single Dental Implant?

Anyone missing a tooth—whether that tooth has fallen out on its own or was extracted—can benefit from filling in their smile with a single tooth implant. If you do have a severely damaged tooth, we’ll always do whatever we can to save your natural tooth first, but there are a few circumstances which your tooth might need to be extracted, including:

  • A badly decayed or infected tooth—where extraction will stop the infection from spreading.
  • A tooth that has sustained severe physical trauma, often into the tooth root as well.
  • A badly worn-down tooth.
  • A tooth affected by severe gum disease.

The issues listed above can be stressful and painful, and often won’t be completely relieved by just covering the damage with a crown. In these instances, it’s better to remove the entire affected tooth.

But here at Ritchie Dental Group, you don’t worry about having a gap in your smile, because we can start replacing your tooth right away with a single dental implant—alleviating that pain and stress while also improving your health and the appearance of your smile.

Why Should I Choose Implant Tooth Replacements Over a Bridge?

If you’re missing multiple teeth, you might be considering receiving a dental bridge to replace all those teeth at once. Bridges are a viable tooth replacement option, but there are a few advantages to choosing tooth implants over bridges. Most notably:

  • Tooth implants will stimulate your jaw bone and help it maintain its natural strength. Your jawbone may deteriorate under a dental bridge.
  • On average, implant tooth replacements will last significantly longer than dental bridges. Dental implants can last a lifetime with good care!
  • Dental implants are non-invasive and won’t have any effect on their neighboring teeth, whereas dental bridges require neighboring teeth to anchor them in place.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Single Dental Implant?

The majority of adults are great candidates for single dental implants. If you’re missing a tooth and can meet the following requirements, an implant is likely a great decision for you:

  • Good overall dental health.
  • A strong jaw bone that can accommodate a new implant.
  • Good dental habits and hygiene.

Contact Us to Learn More About Tooth Implants

Our compassionate and trained staff at Ritchie Dental Group is available to answer any further questions you have when it comes to your oral health, missing teeth, and especially dental implant methods and procedures. Call us today to get more information and set an appointment!

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