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Denture Implants

Man smiling because of Denture Implants - Marble Falls, Brady, Burnet, TXWhen you hear the word dentures, what do you think of? Your grandparents’ teeth sitting in a cup next to the sink? Maybe a cartoon where the character loses their teeth entirely? Needless to say, most people’s perception of dentures is a little out of date.

Luckily for patients here at Ritchie Dental Group, dental technology has come a long way in creating denture implants that are strong, comfortable, and effective.

If you require a replacement for all the teeth in your mouth, we can offer you implant-supported dentures for long-lasting function and comfort! With four to six implants in your jaw, we can replace all of your teeth to look and feel as natural as possible.

What Are Denture Implants?

Denture implants—also called implant-supported dentures—replace an entire arch or a full mouth of teeth with dental prosthetics that are supported by dental implants. These denture implants are attached directly to your jawbone, just like your natural teeth are.

In our denture implant procedure, we insert 4–6 posts directly into your jawbone. These titanium posts will bond with your bone structure through a process called osseointegration, resulting in an attachment that will keep your new implants secure in your mouth for a healthy, strong smile.

The implant posts attached to your jawbone are only the base that imitates your natural tooth roots. These implants will be covered with a separate dental prosthetic: the denture restorations themselves. The visible part of your new teeth are on top of the titanium posts.

With only 4–6 posts, you can have a full row of either upper or lower teeth restored with your new implant-supported dentures.

If you are missing teeth, getting replacements as soon as possible is vital to your oral health! Leaving gaps in your smile or living with missing rows of teeth can result in greater problems down the road. Call us today to discuss replacement options that will be comfortable, natural-looking, and great for your overall oral health.

Benefits of Denture Implants

  • Cost-Effective | Implant-supported dentures are a great lower-cost alternative to getting individual dental implant restorations. With denture implants, you can restore a full row of teeth without needing a separate implant for each individual tooth.
  • Natural Look | From the titanium posts to the artificial tooth itself, each part of your implant will be custom made for you to look as natural as possible. Most people won’t be able to tell if you have denture implants compared to natural teeth—unless they knew exactly what your teeth looked like before.
  • Jawbone Health | Your jawbone is stimulated and kept strong by having tooth roots. So when those roots are missing, the jaw will begin to shrink away from its original position, changing your appearance. Other tooth restoration options just restore the tooth on top of the jaw, but implants restore the root inside the jaw, as well—keeping your facial structure strong and youthful.
  • Stronger Support | We believe one of the best things about denture implants is how sturdy they are all on their own! Implant-supported dentures can withstand the full function of natural teeth—including chewing tough and sticky foods. You’ll never have to worry about uncomfortable denture cement or your restorations slipping out of place at the wrong time.

Are Denture Implants a Good Treatment Option for Me?

If you are an adult with multiple missing teeth and healthy oral tissues, you will probably be able to benefit from this procedure. Ask your doctor if you would have any problems with bone healing, as that is a key part of the procedure being successful.

If you are uncomfortable with your traditional dentures, want to improve your speech and quality of life and have a few months to dedicate to the process, call us today to talk about denture implant treatment and implant supported dentures.

How Do I Care for My Denture Implants?

Caring for your denture implants is actually very simple. Because denture implants are designed to closely imitate the structure of natural teeth, the way you care for your denture implants is also how you should care for your natural teeth.

To ensure that your denture implants stay healthy, we recommend:

  • Regular brushing.
  • Regular flossing.
  • Avoiding an excess of acidic foods.
  • Avoiding an excess of sugary foods.
  • Regular dental checkups.

Make sure that when you are brushing your new teeth, you take extra care to get the backsides of the teeth. Your new teeth will thank you!

Restore Your Smile With Denture Implants Today

Our compassionate and trained staff at Ritchie Dental group is available to answer any further questions you have when it comes to your oral health, missing teeth and especially dental implant methods and procedures. Call us today to get more information and set an appointment!



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