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Why the TikTok Teeth Filing Trend is Extremely Dangerous

dental tiktok trends

If you’re not on TikTok, chances are, you know someone who is. It’s one of the newest social media platforms to plague the internet and is home to many emerging trends, one of which has dentists sounding the alarm.

The latest has people doing “veneer checks” which shows them filing down their own teeth in preparation for veneers, without the supervision of a dental professional. Dental TikTok trends like this can do some serious damage to your teeth, and viewers should be aware of the dangers before it’s too late.

Read on as we explain how this new trend can permanently damage your teeth and what your dentist can do to safely improve your smile.  

Why is This TikTok Trend Dangerous?

Dentists all over TikTok are warning people of the severe dental problems this new trend can create. They’re urging users to sit this one out by bringing attention to the long-term damage it can cause.

Irreversible Nerve Damage

Filing your teeth is not at all like cutting your hair or filing your nails because hair and nails grow back—your teeth won’t. Once the enamel is gone, that’s it. One orthodontist says that by grinding down your enamel and permanently removing the tooth structure, it’s easier to develop cavities and nerve damage. Your teeth may end up with increased sensitivity or pain without the proper thickness of enamel protecting your teeth.

Long-Term Responsibility

Veneers and crowns are not a permanent solution, and what most TikTokers don’t realize is that they’ll have to replace them every 10 to 15 years, which can end up being quite the expense when they’re applied at such a young age.

How Can Your Dentist Safely Improve Your Smile?

When it comes to your oral health, it’s always best to seek help from a dental professional. They have the proper training to remove small amounts of enamel to correct your smile with minimal harm. A skilled cosmetic dentist can help you achieve a beautiful smile in the safest, most effective way possible.

Whatever is making you unhappy about your teeth, you can consult with your dentist about the cosmetic procedures they offer to determine the one that’s best for your needs. Invisalign, porcelain veneers, dental bonding, or a complete smile makeover are a few wonderful, safe procedures that can give you a grin you won’t regret.

Next time you see a DIY dental trend going viral on TikTok, you may want to think before you partake in it. Your dental health is precious, and you should only rely on professionals for advice on maintaining a healthy, long-lasting smile.

About the Author

Dr. Greg Ritchie and his staff provide patients with gentle, friendly dental care every time they walk in the door. At Richie Dental Group, they offer a comprehensive array of cosmetic, restorative, and general dentistry services so the entire family can be seen in one location. If you have any questions about a viral trend you or your teen have seen floating around on social media, Dr. Ritchie can be reached via his website or by phone at (830) 693-8833.


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