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How to Prepare for Dental Implant Placement Surgery

Woman after dental implant surgery in Marble Falls

Are you looking forward to your dental implant surgery in Marble Falls? It’s a big day, and it will be well worth the wait. Even though you are eager, many patients find themselves nervous at the same time. You want to be all ready when that day finally comes, so it is important that you take some steps in order to prepare. Continue reading to learn about what you should do in order to get yourself ready for your implant placement procedure.

Stay Informed

When you go to the dental office for your consultation, this is a great time for you to ask questions about the surgery. Even if you think that the questions that you have are insignificant, small, or silly, you should still ask them. In order to make decision regarding your oral health, it is important that you are well informed. This may also help you to feel more relaxed when you go into your procedure because you will know what to expect on the day of your surgery.

Plan Ahead of Time

When you have a plan, you will be able to take it easy when your procedure comes around. You don’t want to have extra things on your plate that you need to worry about. If you know that you are undergoing IV sedation, plan to have a trusted family member or friend to drive you home afterwards. If you have younger children, arrange for someone to help you care for them when you are recovering. You don’t want to be overwhelmed. Schedule a few days off work so that you have plenty of time to take it easy.

Follow Your Pre-Op Instructions

You need to follow any pre-op instruction from your dentist very closely. These are intended in order to set yourself up for success when the procedure comes around. If you are undergoing IV sedation, your dentist will ask you to fast beforehand to avoid complications related to anesthesia. You may be asked to take certain medications, like antibiotics or pain relievers, ahead of time. It is a good idea to have some post-surgical foods ready for after your procedure. This includes soft foods like mashed potatoes, yogurt, pudding, and applesauce.

As exciting as your upcoming procedure is, it pays to be prepared. By staying in touch with your dentist and taking the steps listed above, you are setting your new and improved smile up for success!

About the Author

Dr. Greg Ritchie is an experienced dentist who has been practicing dentistry for more than 18 years. He earned his dental doctorate from the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio and has received special training in sedation dentistry, dental implants, implant supported dentures, and cosmetic dentistry. If you’re missing teeth, he would be happy to help. For more information on dental implant surgery or to schedule a consultation at his office in Marble Falls, visit his website or call (830) 693-8833.


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