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4 Tips to Help You Adjust to Life with a Denture in Marble Falls

happy senior woman with appleCongratulations on your new denture in Marble Falls! Your custom-made prosthesis is sure to provide you with years of confident smiles and pleasurable eating. However, you may discover that your denture feels strange at first; it may even make your mouth sore or affect your pronunciation. Don’t worry. When you put these simple tips to use, such issues should go away within a matter of weeks.

Eat Cautiously

You can expect a bit of soreness in your gums as you get used to your dentures. If you do not take care when you are eating, you could exacerbate the problem. During the first few days you have your new teeth, stick to eating soft foods, like soup, pudding, and applesauce. Then, you can graduate to solid foods. Always cut your meals into small pieces and avoid biting down on anything with your front teeth. Try to distribute the food evenly throughout the mouth so your dentures don’t tip.

Use Remedies for Soreness

If, despite all the precautions you take, your dentures still make your gums sore, you might try one of the following remedies:

  • Massage your gums. This may soothe them and encourage blood circulation.
  • Take a mild painkiller. Ibuprofen or similar medications may help.
  • Rinse your mouth with saltwater. To reduce inflammation, mix a teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water and swish for about 30 seconds.

Of course, your denture in Brady should never cause you extreme pain. If you ever encounter a serious issue with your new teeth, get in touch with your local dentist.

Practice Speaking

At first, your dentures will feel like a foreign object in your mouth, which may make it a challenge for you to enunciate certain words. The easiest way to conquer this issue is to practice speaking at every opportunity. You could also try reading out loud. Soon, you’ll adjust to your dentures and find that your speech is even clearer than it was before you got your new teeth.

Suck on Sugarless Candy

Your dentures may cause your mouth to temporarily increase its saliva production. One way to handle the extra moisture is to suck on sugarless candy, which will encourage you to swallow regularly. You might also chew gum, but be sure the gum you choose is specifically made for folks who wear dentures; regular gum formulas can be so sticky that they cling to the prosthetic teeth and are difficult to remove.

Once you get the hang of life with your dentures, you’re going to love them! If you treat them well, they’ll return the favor and provide you with years of aesthetic and health benefits.

About Ritchie Dental Group

Dr. Greg Ritchie is proud to work alongside each other — and the rest of our talented team — to provide caring, personalized treatment to folks in our community. If you are interested in learning more about options for tooth replacement in Brady, such as traditional or implant-retained dentures, get in touch with one of our offices.


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