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Are You Suffering from Dry Mouth?

woman sticking out tongueYou know your teeth and gums are influential in your dental health, but did you know your saliva is equally important? You need just the right amount to keep your smile healthy. Unfortunately, 65% of people experience dry mouth (xerostomia) at some point during their life. Although it may not seem concerning at first, if it’s an ongoing problem, it’s time to see your dentist in Marble Falls. They’ll find the underlying cause and create the customized treatment plan you need.

What is Dry Mouth?

Your saliva keeps your mouth moist while cleansing your teeth and gums from harmful bacteria in between brushing and flossing. If the salivary glands don’t produce enough saliva to keep your mouth comfortable, it can create several symptoms, such as:

  • Dry feeling in the mouth or throat.
  • Persistent thirst.
  • Chapped or cracked lips or corners of the mouth.
  • Sores in or around the mouth.
  • Sore throat.

Dry mouth is often caused by certain medical conditions or medications, but it can result from other factors as well. Your dentist will pinpoint the cause to provide the right relief for your specific needs.

What are the Dangers of Dry Mouth?

Your saliva helps neutralize acids caused by the bacteria in your mouth, as well as the foods and drinks you consume. It also makes it easier for you to chew and swallow, and it benefits your overall digestion. If your mouth is too dry, the acids in your mouth will be more concentrated. It also makes it easier for harmful food particles to linger on your teeth. Both factors can increase your risk for tooth decay, gum disease, and bad breath. Without adequate saliva, your enamel can weaken over time while your gums may also become swollen.

How Can I Treat Dry Mouth?

Your dentist will evaluate your oral and medical history, including any medications you are taking and certain lifestyle habits to find the cause of the problem. There are several things you can do at home to encourage saliva production until a customized treatment plan is in effect, including:

  • Suck on sugar-free mints or chew sugarless gum.
  • Drink plenty of tap water.
  • Avoid alcohol and caffeinated drinks.
  • Snack on fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • Don’t smoke or use tobacco.
  • Avoid salty foods.
  • Breathe through your nose, not your mouth.
  • Ask your doctor if dry mouth is a side effect of a medication.

Dentist Near Me for Dry Mouth Treatment

Your dentist can create the solutions you need to keep your smile healthy and moist. Don’t let dry mouth harm your dental health any longer. Get the relief you need with the help of your dentist.

About Dr. Greg Ritchie

Dr. Greg Ritchie has provided comprehensive, personalized dental services for the past 18 years. Besides earning his dental degree, he’s completed additional training in many specialties, including dental implants and cosmetic dentistry. He can help you achieve your best smile possible. If you’re experiencing dry mouth, he can identify the cause and create a treatment plan. Contact our office today to schedule your consultation.


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