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An Emergency Dentist in Brady Explains What to Do If Something is Stuck in Your Teeth

a woman picking at her teethAfter leaving the movie theater and enjoying a large tub of popcorn, you find yourself in the car struggling to get that annoying kernel out from between your teeth. You try to forget about it, thinking maybe it’ll work itself out, but each time your tongue moves, it scrapes against the hard kernel, reminding you of its presence. If this situation sounds familiar to you, let an emergency dentist in Brady discuss a few ways you can handle these situations and find relief.

Why Things Get Stuck Between Our Teeth

It can be aggravating constantly dealing with food getting stuck between your teeth, but it may not be your fault. Here are a few reasons why this irritation is occurring more frequently than you’d prefer:

  • Gaps in your teeth: This is obvious, but even if you don’t have a noticeable gap, even the smallest spaces occur in all smiles. If your teeth sat right next to each other, they would rub and cause pain throughout your mouth.
  • Cavities: If you’ve developing cavities, this could be the reason for food constantly getting stuck in your teeth. These annoying holes are great for capturing bacteria and food, and until you floss, or better yet, get your cavity filled, it will continue to be a nuisance.
  • Lack of Flossing: If you don’t floss, or if you aren’t flossing correctly, it could cause the food that is lodged to go deeper. Proper flossing is meant to push out anything foreign between your teeth, so make sure you speak with your dentist in Brady about correct flossing techniques.

Tips for Safe Removal

Now that you know what can cause these items to lodge between your teeth, let’s look at how to go about safely removing them. While the objective is to dislodge the item, it’s important you do it correctly or you could damage your teeth and gums. Here are a few suggested tips for removal:

  1. Never use a tool. A metal tool such as a pocket knife can seriously damage your tooth enamel and gums, which could result in costly dental work. Instead, opt for a toothpick or dental pick.
  2. Never force the object out. Here’s a rule of thumb: if it won’t come out using your tongue, don’t keep trying. The awkward positions you’re putting your tongue and jaw in to remove the object can lead to TMJ, chewing problems, or other oral-related problems. Try swishing warm water in your mouth to remove it.
  3. Gently floss. When moving the floss back and forth, do it gently to prevent damage to nearby dental treatments. If the food remains stuck, opt for a different type of floss.
  4. Eat something crunchy. Apples or crunchy vegetables are great for dislodging food that’s stuck between your teeth. Think of these like edible toothbrushes!

Using the tips mentioned above should help to alleviate any discomfort and irritation caused by food that is stuck between your teeth. If you’ve tried a variety of methods and nothing seems to work, don’t be afraid to contact your dentist in Brady.

About the Practice
When a dental emergency occurs, don’t you want a team who can care for the problem quickly and effectively? At Ritchie Dental Group, our team of dental professionals are equipped to relieve the pain and save your smile. Offering emergency dentistry, we will serve you with same-day treatment, and if you’re wondering about injuries that happen after hours, you can contact our office where we’ll be happy to direct you on what you should do next. To learn more about how we can assist you, contact us at (830) 693-8833.


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