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Dental Disaster? Your Emergency Dentist Helps You Handle It

man with tooth painA dental emergency can cause you pain, disrupt your routine, and leave you wondering what to do. However, if you prepare for such situations ahead of time, you’re less likely to panic and more likely to take all the right steps to make the best out of a bad situation. Your emergency dentist in Marble Falls is here to give you guidance on how to handle five of the most common dental emergencies.

Avulsed (Knocked-Out) Tooth

Find the tooth that got knocked out and, holding it only by its crown, gently rinse off any debris. Place the tooth back in its socket or in a glass of milk or water. An ice pack along with some mild painkillers can help ease your discomfort.

It’s important to get to your emergency dentist in Brady ASAP because if you receive treatment within an hour or so of when the tooth gets knocked out, it’s much more likely that your dentist can reattach it.


A toothache is not a dental condition; rather, it is a symptom of a dental condition, and it can be caused by a long list of things. It might be due to infection, decay, gum disease, an abscess, or another serious oral health problem. It’s important to schedule an appointment with your dentist so they can identify the cause of the problem and provide treatment. In the meantime, you can use mild painkillers to mitigate your discomfort.

Broken Tooth

Not only is a broken tooth painful, but it can also increase your risk of infection and affect your smile’s appearance. Fortunately, though, it might be possible to reattach the part of the tooth that broke off, so try to find it and store it in milk until you get to your dentist’s office for your emergency appointment.

Fractured Jaw

A fractured jaw is more than just a dental emergency; it is a medical emergency as well. If you or someone near you suffers from a serious jaw injury, it may be best to either call 911 or head straight to the local emergency room. After medical doctors provide primary treatment, visit your dentist for a follow-up appointment so they can evaluate how your injury affected your oral health.

Lost Restoration

You might be able to replace a lost crown over your tooth and attach it with temporary dental cement. However, you should still see your dentist within a few days so they can examine your tooth, repair the crown, and permanently reattach it.

If you lose a filling, try to avoid chewing on the side of your mouth that had it. Visit your dentist as soon as you can so they can replace the restoration before any more damage to your tooth occurs.

Dental emergencies are scary! If one of these situations confronts you, use the above tips to manage your pain and minimize the damage to your mouth.

About the Author

Dr. Greg Ritchie is proud to serve as your emergency dentist in Marble Falls and Brady. His extensive training and skills equip him to handle a wide range of serious dental situations, so if you find that your oral health is in sudden jeopardy, contact one of our offices right away.


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