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Family Dentist in Marble Falls Cares for Smiles of All Ages

family dentist in marble falls offers comprehensive careDo you and those you love most count on the same dentist? Choosing one team to care for everyone in your family makes things a lot easier on you — and your children may be more excited about visiting a dentist everyone else trusts, too. Your family dentist in Marble Falls is at Ritchie Dental Group. From your general checkup and cleaning to orthodontics, laser dentistry for periodontal care, and more, we are pleased to offer comprehensive dental services.

Children’s Dentist Providing Friendly Care

We recommend children begin their regular dental visits around age 3. By this time, they have several teeth and are starting to eat a variety of foods. But if you notice an issue earlier, do not hesitate to schedule an appointment for your baby.

You will stay with your child during their first visits. Sure, these appointments are important for making sure everything is going well in their mouth — but they are also an excellent way to introduce your child to the dentist’s office. We know that your little one’s first dental experiences can shape the way they’ll view the dentist for years to come, so we take a slow, friendly approach with our youngest patients.

As your little one gets older, your children’s dentist in Marble Falls will recommend extra preventive measures for keeping their smile healthy. Dental sealants are translucent coverings that shield the surface of their molars from the acids and bacteria that cause decay. And fluoride treatments keep their tooth enamel strong to reduce the risk of cavities.

Wisdom Teeth and Orthodontic Care

Around age seven, we will provide an orthodontic evaluation to identify issues with the alignment of the bite. Crossbite, underbite, overbite, and other issues should be corrected with braces for your child’s continued oral and overall health.

Wisdom teeth removal is common for older teens and young adults. We can provide a screening to determine if wisdom teeth are present beneath the gum line, and if they are likely to cause problems upon eruption. We take care to make sure wisdom tooth extraction at Ritchie Dental Group is comfortable and efficient.

Tooth Replacement Completes Your Smile

Most adults over the age of 35 have at least one missing tooth. And after tooth loss, finding a sturdy replacement is crucial. Find comprehensive dental implant care — from initial placement to final implant restoration — at Ritchie Dental Group. We also provide CEREC one-visit crowns and dentures, depending on which suits you and your smile the best.

We’ll Never Get Tired of Seeing Your Smile!

At Ritchie Dental Group, we don’t want to see our patients just once. We know dental health improves when patients and dentists develop trusting, long-lasting relationships, and we want to be the dental office you visit again and again! Dr. Greg Ritchie is happy to provide most dental services from the convenience and comfort of his office, without the need for frequent referrals. Need a family dentist who can meet all your smile needs? Contact us to schedule an appointment at Ritchie Dental Group today!


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