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How to Maintain Dental Habits While on Vacation from a Dentist in Brady

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For most of us, vacation is a time for relaxation and taking a break from our normal routines. However, one routine you shouldn’t break is your oral hygiene one. Even when you’re on vacation, it’s important to remember to brush and floss every day. Keep reading as your dentist in Brady talks about 5 ways to keep your teeth healthy while on vacation.

1. Visit Your Dentist Before You Leave

It could never hurt to see your dentist for a checkup and cleaning before you leave for vacation. Your dentist can determine whether there are any problems in your teeth that could arise during your trip. For example, they could find a cavity that maybe you don’t notice until it causes a toothache at the beach. You don’t want your vacation to be ruined by a toothache! Seeing your dentist can help prevent emergencies like that.

2. Do Your Research

You can never be too prepared. Research any dentists in the area where you’re traveling, just in case you have a dental emergency while on vacation. Check if they are in network with your insurance. Pack a dental emergency kit in your luggage, which you can find at most drugstores.

3. Pack Your Toothbrush and Floss

It’s hard to keep up with your brushing and flossing routine when you don’t bring your toothbrush and floss! Buy some travel-size toothbrushes, toothpaste, and packets of floss to take with you. That way if you forget to bring them back with you, you still have your regular brush and floss waiting for you at home.

4. Drink Plenty of Water

Dehydration can be common during the hot months of summer. Unfortunately, this can cause dry mouth, a condition where the mouth doesn’t produce enough saliva. Saliva is important because it washes away excess bits of foods that, when left behind, attract bacteria and can cause cavities and gum disease. Make sure to stay hydrated with water this summer.

5. Stick to Healthy Snacks

Lots of us take a break from our diets when we’re on vacation. Many of us choose to instead munch on candy or sip sugary beverages like sports drinks or margaritas. While consuming these things is fine in moderation, it’s important to recognize what they can do to your teeth. Too much sugar can damage your teeth and leave you more vulnerable to cavities and gum disease. Switch out those candies for fruits and veggies every once in a while, and those sugary drinks for water, and your teeth will thank you.

Keeping up with your dental routine while on vacation doesn’t have to be hard. Follow these steps, and if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to ask your dentist in Brady.

About the Author

Dr. Greg Ritchie completed his dental degree at the University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio, and has been practicing dentistry for almost 20 years now. For the past 2 years he has been named “Super Dentist” by Texas Monthly, which is awarded to a very small percentage of Texas dentists with a high degree of professional achievement or peer recognition. To ask Dr. Ritchie about how to keep your teeth healthy this summer, contact him at (830)-693-8833.


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