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Oral Health in Burnet: The Dangers Of Oral Infections

Oral Health in Burnet oral infection exam

“It’s just a small sore, it will go away.”
“I’m too busy right now, I’ll go to a dentist later.”
“A little sensitivity is no big deal.”

It happens to most Marble Falls residents at least once in their life. Their teeth become sensitive to cold drinks and a tooth develops a dull ache. A sore on the gums doesn’t heal up. An injured tooth darkens. A pain develops in your lower sinus area.

This is definitely not a situation where the “ignore it and it will go away” mentality is wise. If the pain is the result of a detrimental infection, there are grave consequences for your oral health in Burnet. Oral bacterial infections can destroy teeth, gums, jawbones, and even lead to life-threatening sepsis. In fact, prior to the 19th century, tooth decay-related infection was a leading cause of death.

Identifying an Oral Infection

An oral infection doesn’t always cause pain. Bad breath, fever, swelling in the gums, glands or jaw, or a strange taste in the mouth can indicate the presence of an infection. If an infection is caught and treated early, there may be no additional problems. Typically, the infection is the result of a dental issue that needs to be treated. If the infection is caused by tooth decay, the decay will have to be removed and the tooth filled. If the decay has penetrated to the pulp of the tooth, a root canal may be needed. The best thing you can do is visit your doctor for a checkup if you notice anything strange about your oral health in Burnet.

The infection may be the result of a pocket of undrained pus called an abscess. Pus is a by-product of the immune system’s efforts to fight infection and consists of dead white blood cells. Mouth sores have various causes including an infection or virus. White patches in the mouth can indicate thrush, an oral yeast infection. All of these conditions can be treated – but you need to see your dentist about your oral health in Burnet.

Asking About Your Oral Health in Burnet

If you have any signs of oral infection, or you haven’t had a dental exam in the past year, we encourage you to meet with us for an examination of your oral health in Burnet. We also offer our patients amazing advanced services such as Invisalign, laser dentistry, and Zoom teeth whitening. To schedule an appointment, call our office today at 830-693-8833.

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