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Sedation Dentistry in Marble Falls

sedation dentistryWhat’s your reaction when you look at the calendar and see that you have a dentist’s appointment coming up? Are you excited to have your teeth cleaned and polished, or does a feeling of dread and anxiety develop in the pit of your stomach? If the latter is a better description of your reaction, then you may want to consider sedation dentistry in Marble Falls. Dr. Greg Ritchie and his team at the Ritchie Dental Group offer a couple of sedation options to help you overcome your fear of dental treatment, so you can have the healthy and beautiful smile you deserve.

Why Do You Need Sedation Dentistry in Marble Falls?

There are few reasons why patients may have developed a fear of the dentist. For some, there is a deep-seated memory of a dental visit gone awry. Maybe something occurred during a childhood visit to the dentist that has left you hesitant about any dental treatment. For others, the sights and sounds in a dentist’s office can be very unsettling. Some of our patients have a touch of claustrophobia and really don’t like the idea of sitting in the dentist’s chair while masked people work around them. Whatever the reason for your dental anxiety, Marble Falls sedation dentist Dr. Richie has the type of sedation dentistry you need to relax during your treatment.

Sedation Dentistry with Nitrous Oxide

If you consider your dental anxiety to be mild, then you may like sedation with nitrous oxide. Better known as laughing gas, this light sedative will leave you feeling a bit light headed and relaxed. The gas is delivered in a measured amount with oxygen through a mask that we place on your nose. After a few inhalations, you will begin to feel the effects. When your appointment is over, the mask is removed and the effects wear off almost immediately. You can go about your day as usual.

Oral Conscious Sedation

The other form of sedation dentistry that we use at the Ritchie Dental Group is oral conscious sedation. This offers a deeper sense of relaxation and calm, and begins even before you arrive in our office. We know that some of our patients start to feel anxious long before their appointment time. For them, oral conscious sedation can be the perfect solution. Dr. Ritchie will prescribe a mild sedative for you to take about one hour before your visit. A friend or family member will drive you to our office where your treatment will be completed while you sit back in the dentist’s chair without a care in the world.

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