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Teeth Whitening and Porcelain Veneers in Marble Falls: Which Is Right for You?

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If you’re looking to revamp your smile, you have a lot of cosmetic dental treatments to choose from. It can be confusing, and you may not know which one will best meet your needs. For example, if you want to improve the look of your teeth, should you choose teeth whitening or porcelain veneers in Marble Falls? Although both can help you achieve a more attractive smile, they can address different issues. Learn more about these two cosmetic procedures and how they can enhance your teeth and your confidence!

What Teeth Whitening Does

A smile makeover doesn’t have to include big alterations. A change as small as changing the color of your teeth can make a huge difference in the look and perceived age of your smile. After years of exposure to staining foods and drinks and with normal wear and tear, professional teeth whitening is a great way to reinvigorate your appearance. To do this, your dentist uses a powerful whitening solution consisting of hydrogen or carbamide peroxide and a high-intensity light to bleach away stains. Following this process, your dentist can brighten your smile by up to 10 shades in just a single one-hour treatment!

With proper oral hygiene and maintenance and an annual touch-up at home, you can keep your beautiful smile for many years to come.

What Porcelain Veneers Do

Porcelain veneers are thin ceramic shells that are adhered to the front surfaces of your teeth to conceal flaws in your teeth. These imperfections include the following:

  • Chipped or cracked teeth.
  • Slightly crooked teeth.
  • Gaps between teeth.
  • Unevenly worn teeth.
  • Discoloration in teeth.

These natural-looking veneers are very durable, stain resistant, and can last for about 10 years.

Candidacy for Teeth Whitening

Although there are no strict requirements, teeth whitening is not for everyone. As with any cosmetic dental procedure, you need to be in good oral health because the bleaching solution can cause pain if you have gum disease or tooth decay. Before starting any cosmetic procedure, make sure you have more urgent oral problems resolved. Also, if you have deep tooth staining that penetrates into the dentin layer of the tooth, professional teeth whitening may not work. Unfortunately, there are some situations when whitening does not work.

Candidacy for Porcelain Veneers

If you have good oral health, porcelain veneers could just be the right solution for you to get the brilliant smile you’ve always wanted. Veneers can help with discoloration that doesn’t respond to professional tooth whitening and can address multiple flaws at once. So if you have a tooth that is discolored and misshapen, a porcelain veneer can resolve both problems in one process.

In the end, you don’t have to figure out which of these two cosmetic dental procedures will work best for you all on your own. You have a resource to turn to. Contact your dentist in Marble Falls, schedule a consultation, and talk to them about your smile goals. They can review your specific case and guide you to the appropriate treatments. Choosing the right one can help you get the smile you’ve dreamed of.

About the Author

Dr. Greg Ritchie has more than 18 years of dental experience. During his one-year residency at Audie L. Murphy Memorial Veterans Hospital, he received extensive training in cosmetic dentistry. At Ritchie Dental Group, he offers both teeth whitening and porcelain veneers. For the past two years, he has been named a Super Doctor by Texas Monthly as a result of his high achievement and peer recognition. To schedule an appointment with him, you can call (830) 693-8833 or click here.


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