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Which Tooth Whitener Works Best?

Dazzling White Teeth in Marble FallsWhat is the best professional teeth whitening system available? At the Ritchie Dental Group in Marble Falls and Brady TX, we get spectacular results with Zoom! teeth whitening.

All whitening systems, whether its professional strength or something you buy at the store, use a bleaching agent containing peroxide. One of the biggrest differences between over-the-counter whiteners and professional strength is the higher concentration of peroxide in professional products.

At Ritchie Dental Group, we take it a step further with Zoom! teeth whitening. In as little as one hour, the Zoom! process can transform your smile with peroxide gels, activated by LED lamps.

The process penetrates deep inteo the surface enaml of your teeth to bleach away years of stains and other discolorations. Whatever stains are there, the Zoom! whitening process removes them, whether they’re from coffee, tea, wine, soft drinks, or any of the foods and beverages that take a toll over the years.

Zoom! teeth whitening is just one of the cosmetic dentistry procedures available from the Ritchie Dental Group. We have offices in Marble Falls and Brady TX. Schedule an appointment with us today.

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