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Why Your Child Needs Pediatric Dental Cleanings

In this post from Ritchie Dental Group in Marble Falls TX, we look at children’s dental cleanings.

Does your child need a professional dental cleaning if you practice dental hygiene at home?

Short answer? Yes.

Let’s discuss it.

Daily brushing along with cleanings and checkups are both essential. They reinforce each other. They work in tandem to protect your child’s smile as they grow.

We encourage patients to practice preventative dentistry by:

  • Brushing—help your child brush their teeth then clean thoroughly afterwards
  • Flossing—start as soon as your toddler has two adjacent teeth
  • Healthy diet–limit sugary snacks and beverages
  • Regular pediatric dental cleanings with a fluoride treatment
  • Regular examinations

Dental cleanings increase the effectiveness of daily oral care by removing the plaque and tarter that can accumulate even with proper dental hygiene.

At Ritchie Dental Group our services include pediatric dentistry. People from Burnet, Kingsland, and Meadowlakes trust us with their little ones’ dental health, and also trust our complete general and family dentistry. We also have an office in Brady TX. Schedule an appointment today!

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