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Sedation Dentist in Brady Offers Relaxing Care

portrait of a smiling familyMany people get nervous at the thought of visiting the dentist. If you, too, would prefer not to think about receiving dental care, that’s nothing unusual -- but that fear or anxiety becomes a problem when it interferes with your oral health. If you have ever skipped or delayed needed dental care due to your nerves, it’s time to find a solution. Keep reading to find out how your sedation dentist in Brady, Dr. Greg Ritchie, can help!

Why Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry is the use of certain medications to help you relax throughout a dental appointment. It is a safe and effective method for patients of all ages. People who are nervous visiting the dentist can benefit from its practice, as well as people who have mobility issues that prevent them from reclining in the dental chair for extended periods of time.

Whatever your barriers to receiving dental care are, sedation dentistry is a wonderful resource for you because it just makes going to the dentist a little easier. It also allows your dentist to work more efficiently, without the need for pauses or separate appointments to complete longer treatments. That means undergoing sedation dentistry can help to reduce the amount of time you spend at the dentist’s office overall.

Know Your Options

We are pleased to offer patients two methods of sedation: laughing gas and oral conscious dental sedation in Brady. The one that is right for you depends on a few factors, including your age, level of anxiety on the day of your appointment, and the treatment that is being performed.

When restorative work is being performed, laughing gas and oral conscious sedation are combined with local anesthesia to numb the treatment site. Treatment only begins once we are sure you are completely comfortable and ready to start.

We Want to Help You Relax!

If you think you or a loved one could benefit from sedation dentistry, we would love to discuss how laughing gas or oral sedation can help to make your time at the dentist’s more enjoyable. We invite you to contact the Ritchie Dental Group today!

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