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TMJ/TMD Treatment

Headaches & Neck Pain Relief

treat TMD headaches Brady TX and BurnetTMJ problems, also known as TMJ dysfunction (TMD), can cause a variety of seemingly unrelated problems, too. You may be suffering with chronic jaw pain, but you may also experience regular headaches, neck pain, and shoulder pain, too. There are lots of symptoms of TMD, and if you’re experiencing chronic pain problems that haven’t yet been explained, consider the possibility that you need TMJ treatment from Ritchie Dental Group.

Treating TMJ Dysfunction

The two small joints in front of your ears (your temporomandibular joints, or TMJ) can enable or inhibit smooth jaw motion. Several factors, such as stress, clenching, grinding, and trauma can irritate these joints, causing TMD pain that is often severe. As a highly trained neuromuscular dentist, Dr. Ritchie can evaluate your TMJ problems and determine the best therapy for your unique condition. Treating your TMD can help you overcome problems like headaches and neck pain, and you’ll see improvement in your quality of life. Recommendations may include occlusal orthotic devices, restorative dental work, or neuromuscular orthodontics.

Headaches and neck pain are just some of the symptoms of TMD. Other signs you might be suffering with TMJ problems include:

If you experience regular severe headaches or neck pain, visit our Marble Falls or Brady, TX dental office. The neuromuscular dentist at Ritchie Dental Group will assess your TMJ health and diagnose any possible TMD. An occlusal orthotic can be used to reposition your jaw, bringing it into alignment to help relax the muscles and take strain off the TMJ. If a bite misalignment is causing your TMD symptoms, Dr. Ritchie can provide you with orthodontic treatment. Orthodontics can permanently change your bite to encourage healthy TMJ.

Put an End to TMD Headaches and Neck Pain in Marble Falls and Brady, TX

Chronic headaches, neck pain, jaw pain, and the damage associated with TMD can seriously affect your life. We want you to live the best life possible, which is why Dr. Ritchie offers neuromuscular dentistry for TMJ treatment.

Questions? Looking to schedule? Please contact us by phone or using the form on this page. We look forward to helping you resolve TMJ pain issues.

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